About Digital Blocks


Founded in 1997, Digital Blocks architects, designs, verifies, and markets semiconductor IP cores to worldwide technology systems companies. Digital Blocks market planning & architecture phases incorporates the system level view of how the IP core functions, based on many years of system level design.

Our mission is to provide customers with pre-verified Verilog / VHDL soft IP cores with System-Level Architecture features that reduce customer development costs and enhances their System’s capabilities and accelerates product time-to-volume goals.

Digital Blocks adheres to industry standard processes as well as internally developed processes that guide our IP Core market definition, documentation, RTL micro-architecture design, Verilog / VHDL RTL design, and verification activities, which include linting, clock domain crossing analysis, and comprehensive simulation with results checking.

Digital Blocks’ organization comprises of the following Product Development & Support Groups:

Processor & Peripherals Group – With architect, design, & validation engineering from Bay Area Silicon Valley and Eastern US computer companies, Digital Blocks offers the DB8051C Microcontroller & Peripherals for embedded system design engineers.

Building on our early processor design expertise with space-borne computers, Digital Blocks offers the DB8051C Verilog IP Core with a high performance in a low VLSI footprint. The DB8051C conforms to the industry standard 8051 / 8052 Instruction Set  Architecture (ISA) Microcontroller. The DB8051C targets ASIC / ASSP and FPGA devices with embedded microcontroller requirements.

With the DB8051C as the CPU Core, Digital Blocks offers the standard 8051 peripherals with the DB8051C-SP (Standard Peripherals) and DB8051C-CP (Configurable Peripherals) product offerings. Likewise, Digital Blocks offers targeted application offerings, such as the DB8051C-FSM, targeting complex Finite State Machine Design.

Digital Blocks offers the 82xx family of peripherals (8255, 8259, 8279), which are cycle-accurate versions of the industry devices,  and form replacements in new CPLD / FPGA / ASIC designs.

The Digital Blocks I2C IP Core family of Master/Slave, Master-only, and Slave-only Controllers are the industry leader with a robust feature set, single programming model, many configuration options, and extensive ASIC / FPGA deployments. Digital Blocks SPI IP Core family borrows logic from the I2C family and shares a similar programming architecture.

The AMBA Multi-Channel DMA Controller forms the data move engine for many AMBA bus peripheral subsystems, including our High-Speed Networking IP cores.

Display & Graphics Controller Group – Digital Blocks offers the DB9000 family of feature-rich, cost-effective display controller IP Cores for leading technology companies requiring TFT LCD panels in their product. The Display Controller Group maintains a Display Labs whereby the DB9000 family of TFT LCD Controllers are tested with various microprocessors, bus interfaces to frame buffer memory, and different LCD panel manufacturers and resolutions.

Digital Blocks offers the DB9100 and DB9200 family of 2D graphics engines IP Cores. The DB9100 hardware accelerates BitBLT (Bit Block Transfer with pixel logic manipulation) and color font expansion while the DB9200 adds 2D geometric (e.g. lines, circles) rendering. Both IP Cores are offered in a high-performance and a lower performance, lower cost versions. Potentially complementing the DB9000 TFT LCD Controller, both the DB9100 BitBLT & text color expansion and DB9200 2D geometry graphics hardware accelerators are offered with AMBA AXI4, AXI, AHB, and Qsys / Avalon bus interfaces.

Video Signal & Image Processing Group – Digital Blocks offers the following video signal & image processing IP Cores for embedded video applications:

  • DB1800 – Standard Definition NTSC/PAL/SECAM Video Sync Separator
  • DB1810 – Color Space Converter
  • DB1820 – Chroma Resampler
  • DB1825 – RGB to YCrCb Color Space Converter with 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 Chroma Resampler
  • DB1830 – BT.656 Encoder
  • DB1840 – BT.656 Decoder
  • DB1892 – RGB to CCIR601/656 Encoder

Low Latency, High-Speed Networking Group – Digital Blocks ultra-low latency UDP/IP & TCP/IP Offload Engines (Hardware Protocol Stacks) target the development of Trading Platforms for global Financial Institutions and High Performance Application Servers and Storage Solutions. The RTP/UDP/IP and MPEG Transport Stream (TS) Hardware Protocol Stacks target Audio / Video applications.

Defense & Space Group – With Digital Blocks robust system-level architecture design and documentation and requirements based verification in simulation & silicon, our IP Cores and Reference Designs have been utilized extensively on Defense Platforms & Space Vehicles.

This includes the DB9000 / DB9100 / DB9200 family of LCD Controllers & 2D Graphics Hardware Accelerators for Displays, the RTP/UDP/IP & MPEG TS Hardware Off-load Engines for High-Speed Networking of Audio/Video/Data, the DB8051C family of embedded Micro-controllers, the feature-rich I2C & SPI Controller IP families, the DB-DMAC-MC-AMBA DMA Controller, and our 82xx Peripheral Replacements.

Design Services Group – Digital Blocks offers customers design services associated with our IP Cores. We offer turnkey Printed Circuit Board design, FPGA design utilizing all leading FPGA technologies, ASIC / ASSP design, and associated software development.

Located in Glen Rock, New Jersey, Digital Blocks is located within the Eastern U.S. high-technology corridor.

The following is a representative list of our Global Customers:

 Angstrem-T JSC & Angstrem-P JSC  Ascom Autelca AG
 ASIC Bank Co., Ltd.  Applied Micro Circuits Corp (APM)
 Aeroflex IFR  Baikal Electronics JSC
 Buskro Ltd. (Canada)
 Draeger Medical GmbH (Germany)  DSP Group Ltd (Israel)
 Eaton-Williams Group Ltd (UK)  Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd. (Israel)
 eSilicon Corp  FirstPass, Inc.
 General Electric Company  Heildelberger Drckmanschiner AG
 Hitachi Ltd.  Intel Corporation
 Innokas Medical Oy (Finland)  
 Lockheed Martin Corporation  Marseille Networks, Inc.
 Microsoft Corporation  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd
 NDT Systems, Inc.  Network Intelligence Inc. (Canada)
 Nihon Densan Tosok  Nokia Corporation
 Nortel Networks Corporation  ON Semiconductor Corporation
 Orbital Sciences Corporation  Optek Technology, Inc
 QBit Semiconductor LTD (Taiwan)  Qualcomm, Inc
 RADA Electronic Industries Ltd (Israel)  Raytheon Company
 Rockley Photonics Inc  Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany)
 Rockwell Collins Inc.  STMircoelectronics N.V.
 Schneider Electric SA  Siemens AG
 Tangram Technology (China)  Toshiba Corporation
 TT Electronics PLC  Wireless Telecom Group
 Zoran Corp / CSR plc