SPI Flash Memory Controller

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Digital Blocks DB-SPI-FLASH-CTRL-AMBA is a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Controller Verilog IP Core supporting access to Single/Dual/Quad/Octal SPI Flash Memory devices by way of Processor Memory-Mapped IO or Boot, Execute-in-Place (XIP), and DMA. Features include the following:

  • AMBA Interface for CPU Programmable IO of Flash Memory
  • Second optional AMBA Interface for Execut-in-Place (XiP) or Boot
  • Single/Dual/Quad/Octal IO Modes
  • SDR/DTR up to 200 MHz
  • Continuous or Wrap Transfer Modes
  • Supports Aesto, Cypress/Spansion, Macronix, Micron, Winbond

The DB-SPI-FLASH-CTRL-AMBA is a member of Digial Blocks SPI Controller IP family SPI Flash Memory Controller Verilog IP Core and targets ASIC/FPGA design teams.