The Digital Blocks DB9100 and DB9200 2D Graphics Hardware Acceleration Engine Verilog IP Cores integrates into ASIC, ASSP, & FPGA devices, providing programmable hardware acceleration of 2D graphics function under a host processor direction.

DB9100 – BitBLT 2D Graphics Engine

The DB9100 BitBLT 2D Graphics Engine IP Core (Verilog Cores DB9100AXI4, DB9100AXI, DB9100AHB, DB9100AVLN) reads graphics command sets originated by the host processor and processes up to full-screen size blocks of pixels from up to 3 simultaneous streaming sources while performing one of 256 bitwise operations on the streaming sources. The DB9100 BitBLT can perform graphics operations as simple as fill all screen memory with a solid color to drawing a solid-fill rectangle with horizontal and vertical boundary lines.

The DB9100 contains a Monochrome Bitmap Color Expansion feature which expands compressed 1-bit depth bitmaps to one of two colors, a foreground or background color. For font expansion, the foreground color represents the text, and the background color the non-text background. During the color expansion the background can be opaque (set to a new color) or transparent (the existing background color remains unchanged).

The DB9100 contains a graphics image compositing Alpha Blend feature which blends an off-screen pixel source with the existing on-screen pixels according to a programmable alpha (α) value.

DB9200 – 2D Graphics Rendering Engine

The DB9200 2D Graphics Rendering Engine IP Core (Verilog Cores DB9200AXI4, DB9200AXI, DB9200AHB) contains all the features of the DB9100, adding Geometry Drawing features.

DB9100 – BitBLT 2D Graphics Engine – Features:

  • Bit Block Transfer – 3 Independent Memory Sources of data:
    • On-Screen & Off-Screen Data Block (SRC)
    • Off-Screen Fixed Pattern Data Block (PTN)
    • On-Screen visible Data Block (DST)
  • Raster Operations (ROP) performed on Block Transfers:
    • 256 Raster Operations
    • ROP0, ROP1, ROP2, & ROP3 operations
    • Includes industries most popular 15 ROPs
  • BitBLT Draw Features:
    • Pixels, Horizontal & Vertical Lines
    • Overlapping & Non-Overlapping Block Transfers
    • Solid Color Block Fills
    • FONT Monochrome Bitmap to Color Expansion, either Transparent or Opaque
    • Rotation Block Transfers: 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees
    • Block Stretch on X & Y Axis
    • Alpha Blending
    • Sprite Moves

DB9200 – 2D Graphics Rendering Graphics Engine – Features:

  • Line Draw Graphics Operations:
    • Pixel Draw
    • Line Draw (in any direction)
    • Poly Line Draw
    • Triangles
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Circle Draw

DB9100 / DB9200 – Common Features:

  • Command FIFO or Descriptor Link-List Display Processing Unit:
    • Simplifies Processor Interface
    • Minimizes Processor Overhead
  • Frame Buffer & Display Features Supported:
    • Display Resolutions up to 8K x 8K
    • 4 GB Memory Range
    • 8, 16 , 24, & 32 bits-per-pixel color depths

Please visit our IP Cores page for a full listing of the DB9100 / DB9200 with various bus interfaces available.